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Earthwork is one of the major works involved in road construction. It involves the removal of topsoil, along with any vegetation, before scraping and grading the area to the finished ‘formation level’. This is usually done using a tractor shovel, grader or bulldozer.

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Most earthworks are formed by cut-and-fill, and the type of ‘fill’ material must be considered, not only in terms of its physical properties, but on the conditions in which it is to be used, and the methods of compaction.

Depending on its quality, compressible subsoil may be removed or stabilised. If the cost of full or partial excavation of subsoil is uneconomical and would be likely to result in consolidation, sand wicks or sand drains may be used.

Subsoil drainage should be provided to deal with seepage through pavements and verges, from higher ground and a result of the seasonal rise and fall of the water table.

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Construction Zones

Many Time Risks to Road Safety at Construction Zones

Increased infrastructure spending and funding for road construction have led to a significant increase in the number of highway construction projects around Assam. The safety of road users and workers is a concern on roads and highways worldwide. Thousands of people are killed when traffic has to pass through road construction or maintenance works every year. The numbers of construction zone injuries and fatalities are predicted to climb even higher.

According to the report received from the SSP, CID, Assam, the annual number of persons killed in motor vehicle crashes in work zones in the Assam has increased day by day. Construction or maintenance zones will have roadway signs in advance to warn motorists that road work is being done. Active work zones are designated as such to notify motorists when they enter and leave the work zone.

In this section, we will discuss the threat to road safety at construction zones and provide advice to enhance the safety of motorists and road construction workers.

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