Commercial Paving Contractor Louisville, Ky

With more than 50 years experience as an asphalt paving contractor, and all 4 generations still behind the rollers, Striegel Paving is the asphalt paving company you can trust in the Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana area.

Whether you are a commercial contractor looking to partner with a paving company to asphalt a parking lot, or you are a homeowner who is looking for driveway paving, Striegel Paving is the team you need.

Experienced Asphalt Paving

Our asphalt paving experience goes beyond just paving parking lots and driveways. The Striegel team takes it to the next level by designing, prepping and setting grade for the majority of all of our jobs. Owning a large fleet of heavy equipment and our own fleet of dump trucks allows us to rely only on ourselves for any product we may need on the job site. We are not at the mercy of other trucking companies when we need gravel or asphalt. We simply dispatch our own trucks so we know exactly when they will arrive. Time is important in the construction industry. Striegel keeps your job on-time and on budget. So if you are looking for an asphalt company who values your time, call Striegel Paving today.

  • Commercial Paving

  • Parking Lot Design and Prep

  • Driveway Paving

  • Asphalt Patching

  • Parking Lot Striping

More than an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Site Preparation

A solid base is the most important aspect of having a lasting asphalt surface.

Driveway Paving

Paving a driveway is an easy process when you hire Striegel Paving.

Parking Lot Paving

From new construction to asphalt resurfacing, Striegel Paving is here to keep you under budget and on-time.

Road Paving

Get help paving and repairing the roads of your city by contacting Striegel Paving.

Asphalt Repair

Repair those pot holes in your parking lot with simple asphalt repairs by Striegel Paving.

Asphalt Overlay

When repairing your entire asphalt parking lot isn’t necessary, asphalt overlays can rejuvenate your parking lot.

Parking Lot Prep

Ensure your parking lot is properly prepared for asphalt by hiring Striegel Paving to set the proper base and drainage.

Striping & Stenciling

Make your asphalt parking lot functional with striping and stenciling from Striegel Paving.

Apartment Complex Paving

New Construction or Repaving

As all property management companies know, looks and amenities can mean the difference in a renter signing a lease or finding another apartment complex to live in. The first impression to a potential tenant is the parking lot of your facility. Do you want a visitor to get out of their car into a water filled pothole? Of course not.

Put your best foot forward and impress current and future renters by offering them a freshly paved parking lot. If a complete parking lot repair is not in the budget, Striegel Paving can asphalt overlay your current parking lot.

Commercial Site Paving

Base, Binder and Top Coat

The most important aspect of commercial paving is grading, sub base and the binder layer. Aligning all of these techniques will ensure the longevity of the asphalt parking lot. If you do not have a solid base, you will be fighting pot holes and cracks until you dig up the base and replace it.

Hiring Striegel Paving will ensure that all pieces of the asphalt puzzle are in place.

Shopping Center Paving

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving & Repair

Whether you are interested in paving a new parking lot or replacing a current parking lot, we can accurately assess your asphalt paving needs and supply you with a recommended solution. Let our high standards of paving be the difference in your asphalt parking lot.

We have a long list of contractors, property managers, municipalities and business owners who rely on us for their parking lot asphalt paving and asphalt reconstruction needs.

Retail Parking Lot Paving

Satisfy Customers with Asphalt

Retail parking lots are the first impression customers get of your business. Having an easily accessible parking lot that is crisp and clean allows users easy entrance and exit.

Whether you are looking for a complete parking lot makeover or just an overlay to address some problem areas, Striegel Paving has a parking lot solution for any budget.

Subdivision Paving

HOA and Builder Subdivisions

Building a subdivision is a longterm project. During the early phases of building, developers have the option to just lay the binder layer and wait until all development is complete to finish off the roads with the top coat.

The binder layer is the base layer of asphalt that contains larger aggregate than the top coat. This layer can handle the weight of trucks and equipment during the construction phase. Once the project is complete, Striegel Paving can clean the binder surface and add the top layer of asphalt to finish your roads.

Road Paving

Municipalities and County Roads

State and local governments are always looking for paving contractors to help keep their roads in tip-top shape. Striegel Paving has been a part of helping Floyd County, Clark County and Harrison County rejuvenate their roads.

Whether you are a small city looking for help in paving your roadway or a state government trying to repair asphalt, Striegel Paving can provide you with a bid to get the project underway.

Why Choose Us?

Getting our driveway paved was an easy process with Striegel Paving. We had several quotes from other paving companies, some lower, some higher. But after speaking with Rick, he was the one who took the time to go over all the aspects of our job. They stood out above the rest. 


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