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Tennis Court Paving

Asphalt Tennis Courts Kentucky and Indiana

Paving a tennis court is a meticulous process that requires a confident and experienced paving company. Paving an asphalt tennis court requires a solid base layer of gravel or a previous asphalt service to make sure that the tennis court surface will be completely level when finished.

Striegel Paving has been paving tennis courts in Kentucky and Indiana for more than 50 years. Our clients consist of municipalities, residential homeowners and school corporations. They rely on us to provide them with an asphalt surface that will save them money and have a long life.

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Precise Paving

Paving Company Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana

When your paving job requires tight tolerances and precision asphalt placement, Striegel Paving is the company you need. The Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana areas require a certain attention to detail when it comes to asphalt. Our spring, summer and winter weather can destroy a new asphalt surface if not properly installed.

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